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Cheerleading 101: Tumbling

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Beginner Cheer tumbling class: (Video 1)  (Video 2)

Be sure to visit the blue links in each section. They include more valuable tips, pictures, and videos that can help you learn these skills.  And don't forget to warm up and stretch out before doing your drills.

Tips for making YouTube more kid-safe Please review before watching videos.


Front Handsprings  Don't forget to use a trained spotter when learning this skill! Never try to learn this skill on your own!  Many beginners think that this is an easier or safer skill than a back handspring, but the truth is landing on your backside, as is common for people just learning, can provide a damaging jolt to your spine, and collapsing arms can still dump you on your head and neck. So please work on this skill in a safe environment instead of trying to teach it to yourself at home. 

(See above for YouTube safety information)

Front Handspring tutorial (don't do the headsprings)
Front Handspring rebound video
Front Handspring progression (no headsprings)
Front Handspring tutorial (not in English)
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Front handspring DVD

How to do a front handspring
Spotting front handsprings


Back handsprings Don't forget to use a trained spotter when learning this skill! Never try to learn this skill on your own!  Many beginners do not have the proper form and often have their arms too far out and away from their shoulders when they land into the handstand position of the back handspring. This means they cannot support their weight and all of it will come crashing down onto their necks and spine, which can lead to serious injury or worse. So again, use a spotter in a gym instead of trying to learn this at home on your own.  (Helpful hint: If you desperately want to learn a back handspring but are worried about the cost of classes, then don't sign up for one until you have a perfect bridge and a really good handstand and jump back. Once you have those you will have to spend far less time in classes trying to get the back handspring itself, thereby saving yourself some money. Don't forget to do push-ups, ab crunches, pull-ups, and squat jumps to help build up your strength.)

(See above for YouTube safety information)

Back Handspring video tutorial
Excellent BHS drills video
Common BHS mistakes
Back handspring video online
Landing the back handspring
Slow motion back handspring video
Double hurdle round-off to back handspring
Slow motion round-off to back handspring video
Double and series back handspring video
Gymnastics training videos online
Back Handspring DVD

Second back Handspring DVD

Back handspring instructions w/ pics (must sign in)
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