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Cheerleading 101: Tumbling

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Beginner Cheer tumbling class: (Video 1)  (Video 2)

Be sure to visit the blue links in each section. They include more valuable tips, pictures, and videos that can help you learn these skills.  And don't forget to warm up and stretch out before doing your drills.

Tips for making YouTube more kid-safe Please review before watching videos.


Tucks   Don't forget to use a trained spotter when learning these skills! Never try to learn these skills on your own!  To help prepare yourself for learning these skills you will want to do the following exercises: Power jumps and tuck jumps to help you get lift and to practice bringing your legs up, and various ab exercises such as crunches and hip rolls/reverse rocks so that you have the stomach strength to pull yourself over.  Below are lists of specific drills you can also do to help speed up how long it takes you to learn how to do tucks.

(See above for YouTube safety information)

Back tuck drill video
Drills that can be done alone
Partner back tuck drills
Standing back tuck video
Setting for your back tuck
Back tuck video tutorial
More tips for setting
Standing back handspring tuck explanation
Back tuck training mats
Round-off back handspring tuck video tutorial
Round-off Back Handspring Tuck tutorial
Double back handspring back tuck
Spotted back handsprings and tucks video
Gymnastics training videos online
Back Handsprings and tucks DVD
Second back handsprings and tucks DVD

Back tuck drills
More standing back drills
Standing Back explanation
Back tuck instructions w/ pics (must sign in)
Learn a back flip
How to do a back tuck

Jumping for your back tuck
An efficient standing back tuck
Landing the back tuck
Back tucks on the trampoline and the floor

Lost standing back

(See above for YouTube safety information)

Punch front video tutorial
Front Tuck tutorial
Standing & running front tuck tutorial
Gymnastics training videos online
Front tuck DVD

How to do a punch front


Layouts and Twists   Don't forget to use a trained spotter when learning these skills! Never try to learn these skills on your own!

(See above for YouTube safety information)

Layout drill video 1
Layout and full twist drill video 2

Twisting drill on a barrel
Back 1/2 twist into a pit
Back 3/4 twist to mat
Front 1/2 twist to mat
Take-off and arms in the twist video
Gymnastics training videos online
Layouts and full twists DVD
Second layouts and full twists DVD

Body position for layouts
The layout take off
How to wrap your arms in a twist
Problems in the full twist
More problems in the full twist
Still more full twist issues
Tips for the half and full twist