Tricks and Hints for Gentle Parenting

For toddlers, life can be annoying. Young children, despite their eagerness to be independent, cannot move as quickly as they would like or express their needs as clearly as they would like. They also have difficulty in dealing with their disappointment, compromise, and limitations. This depression may lead to tantrums and making them misbehave.

To overcome all these issues, as a parent you need to pay attention and teach them with love, some routine, and clear rules on how to behave well. To do so, please follow the below basic parenting tricks.

Shower Your Love on Your Kid:

Don’t punish them when they do some wrong things or misbehave. Explain them clearly and the outcomes which they get as part of their activity. When they do good things or follow all your rules, then praise and give them a hug, playful roughhousing, and kisses. When you do this, it motivates them like anything and they will interest in doing good things automatically.

Prioritize All Your Rules:

Don’t make them overload all your rules from their childhood, as they may get frustrated. It is important to prioritize the rules by yourself and implement them gradually. When they follow it perfectly, give them an appreciation.

Avoid Temper Tantrums:

A toddler’s temper tantrums are completely normal. To reduce the severity, duration, and frequency of your toddler’s tantrums, understand their boundaries, describe them the basic manners they need to follow, accept their ‘no’ with grace, pick your battles wisely, and provide them choices whenever it is possible. Try to avoid the situation in your home which may trigger their tantrums or frustrations. Being a good parent, understand their requirement and encourage communication by speaking with them to express their thoughts and feelings comfortably. Even if they follow the rules which you implement, they may occur a chance where they will break the rules. Don’t get angry when it is a minor and try to ignore them.


When they misbehave, explain to them calmly why you are not liking it and unacceptable. If you see the behavior continuing, take them out for a walk or play area to distract, make them calm, and explain to them when they are in the mood to listen to you.

Be an Example for Your Kid:

Children learn most things from their parents. So, try to be an example for them and teach them how they should handle their situation by themselves and don’t discuss any sensitive matters in front of them.

It is more difficult to raise a child and is the most rewarding activity for a parent to do. Follow these basic tips to make them wonderful children.