Certification:  Why Itis Important For Yoga Instructors

If you were told that your physiotherapist or chiropractor or even gym trainer did not have any formal training or certification, but just really enjoyed their job, you might not be comfortable going to them again. A love for something is not enough to say that you are good at it. Certifications, training, and degrees exist to polish us and to make sure we fully have the knowledge, tools, and skills to properly do something.  This same principle applies to yoga instructors. If you love yoga and are considering making it a potential career for yourself, you need to get certified first, and for that, you can check out Marianne Wells Yoga Teacher Training, and take it from there. If you are skeptical about the importance of certification, then you can keep on reading below:

  • Yoga is not just deep breathing. Yes, deep breaths are an important aspect of centering in yoga, but you also have to work with people to increase their balance, their strength, and their flexibility, and unless you are properly trained to understand people’s limitations and when to stop, you can end up potentially causing injury or damage, and this can affect the rest of your career, and in worse-case scenarios, lead to legal consequences.
  • It is a saturated market, and if you do not have the certifications that showcase your talent and qualification, it is easy for people to want to skip you over and look for someone with better qualifications, so certifications do help you market better and improve your chances of attracting potential clients.
  • Certifications open the door to better opportunities since more people will reach out to you for opportunities, collaborations, workshops, and other events that can help you get a leg up in the game.