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Pressure Washing a Hotel: How Much to Charge

While you can most likely get by and make ends meet by focusing primarily on residential clients, suffice it to say that your growth will be rather limited until and unless you start getting commercial clients because of the fact that they pay ten times as much as their residential counterparts. Perhaps the single best client that you can get for a pressure washing business in the commercial sector is a hotel due to the reason that their pressure cleaning needs are several orders of magnitude higher than your run of the mill client who just needs you to wash up their driveway or something similar to it.

At the end of the day, power washing near me is all about networking so that you can gain access to these high paying clients who will give you so much money that just a single gig would set you up nicely for the rest of the month. The thing is, the size of this job probably far exceeds anything that you have done prior to this point on the timeline, so you might be nonplussed with respect to how much you should charge them without alienating them by giving them the impression that all you really care about is money.

For a small to medium sized hotel, two to three thousand dollars should do the trick. You might need to take this up to five thousand dollars if you are hired by an especially large hotel, but those institutions usually already have their regular service providers so they often don’t hire new blood unless they absolutely need to. Working your way up with smaller hotels is a great way to go.